About this site

This site is a link list designed for the Tor network, that means it lists .onion sites.
It is designed to avoid the use of JavaScript and any other technologies unwanted at Tor.

Please note! We are totally unrelated to any site listed here, other than those belonging to our "Under" network, currently this means only this site.
If you find the content of some site too offensive, please contact that site owner.


Register to this site is totally free and only requires an username and a password. Registration is required to:

  • Send and receive messages through our system (your inbox will have a 10 Mb size limit)
  • Add new links
  • Comment and report links
  • Manage the links you added to the system
  • Ability to choose to see links censored from public listing
  • Ability to set an avatar

Optionally during registration you can add your Public PGP Key block. This will enable you to:

  • Recover your account in case you forget your password
  • All messages sent to you, if not already encrypted, will be automatically encrypted using your key

Our password security consists in the sha1(your_password.random_generated_18_to_30_chars_salt) hash
Passwords are never stored in plaintext and we've no way to know them.
Accounts are set to private by default. Private accounts can only be viewed and contacted by friends.

How sites are added to the list

URL's can be posted by any registered user. Once a registered user adds a link to our list:

  1. The link will not be publicly listed before being successfully tested at least once. It will display however at that user's profile page for his friends or other users, if the profile isn't set to private.
  2. The link can be managed by the user who added it to the list.
  3. Once posted the link can be:
    1. View and searched by any visitor of the site, registered or not.
    2. Hidden from public lists, if it gets a set number of reports of being of pedophile content or a scam
    3. Auto-Removed, if it fails to respond to our spider 20 times in a row

This site has an helping crawler, but it doesn't automatically add links to the main directory

Request a site ownership

If you find listed here a site you own and want to manage it you may request its ownership. To do so:

  1. Login or register to the site
  2. Browse for your link and open the details page
  3. Click on request ownership
  4. Upload a file named owner.txt to the root of the link with your username as its contents
  5. Fill the form and click to request
  6. Once it succeeds the link is yours to manage, you may delete the owner.txt file if you want.
Advertise with us

If you are interested in renting our advertisement space.

  1. Login or Register to the site
  2. Along with your website URL, send a message to our Ad Management about your proposal.